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Blogworld Conference Contest

BlogWorld Contest Grand Prize Giveaway by Dads Talking Blog World Expo Giveaway has me hoping for a chance to get to Las Vegas on Southwest Airlines. talk to random people Reach for the stars. You can’t win if you don’t enter.

Blogworld has been on my mind. I signed up as an Affiliate in anticipation that it would pay my way. Did not happen. As deadlines came, I worked the numbers to see if I could go. My rent is 75% of my income. Working a blog(s) and trying to turn them into income takes time. My time had not come yet.

I like writing and sharing my insights, knowledge, and photos with others. Helping others along the path as those before me helped me. Just finished with a group of Women and one man doing the 31 day challenge using Darren Rowse’s book: 31 days to Build a Better Blog. Being able to meet Darren Rowse at Blogworld would be awesome.

My blog(s) are improving. More work is needed. Making contacts. Perpetual Learner. Talking to those who have done it. Reading those who have done it. Finding the right tools, right words, right niche, right idea or maybe just listening to International Freelancers Online Free Conference was an inspiration to know more. Like a sponge, soaking it all in.

Being able to go to Blogworld and learn from the experts, meet other bloggers, and change my life is a very good goal. Changing my life. Yes I want change. Those stories I read of others going to Blogworld always ends in it being a life changing event. I am ready to change my life.

I talked via Twitter with Blogworld Rick after seeing a comment on another blog about even having the exhibit floor ticket was good if I couldn’t afford the whole thing. I bought the ticket before the deadline.

I either saved $15 or threw away $35 (update: threw away $35)
I wonder if I can drive. How much is flying? How much more?
Ok, Mapquest, what are the numbers. 35 hours to drive. They are usually off. So at 10 hours a day, that is four days to get there.
Airlines are $300 to $600

Am I going to be happy standing outside the sessions, waiting as a kid who just didn’t have the money to join. This does not seem like a good option. It is too late to register and save. Ohhhh, I want to go so bad! How can I make this happen? Can I make this happen?

I saw the tweet about the contest. Maybe there was a chance. Pick me! Pick me! (waving hands wildly in the air) But I would not do that, I would slowly raise my hand and hope they picked me. Those who are willing to be loud and obnoxious do seem to get more. Can I be that person? Today? No. I must politely ask. Wait my turn. Maybe not. Maybe. Sometimes I am lucky, maybe today will be that day.

Dad’s Talking is going to make sure I have a wonderful time, get to all the cool parties, be on the show live – how can anyone ask for anything more. Pick me! Please.

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