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If you’re looking for tips on how to reduce weight, get rid of cellulite or cleanse your body, you’ve probably discovered that it’s difficult to know which colon cleansing products to buy or which detox diet to follow. Maybe you even want to cleanse your colon or want to know more about it and what it can do for you. More from NHS Heroes

If you’ve been searching online for colon cleanse reviews to help guide you in the right direction, you’ve noticed that highly promoted products repeatedly get the best reviews. That’s hardly what you want to know. Obviously, manufactures with the best affiliate marketing programs will tend to receive the best reviews in order to sell the product. So how can you use these colon cleanse reviews / product information to determine the best product or program?

Search for “colon cleanse” or how to reduce weight and you’ll get a list of products –including Oxy-Powder, Blessed Herbs, Isagenix, Metamucil, Master Cleanse and Hydroxycut, as well as places that have products from DrNatura to Whole Foods. Now, type in the name of a product and look for “ingredients”. Notice which repeat themselves. When you see that simple ingredients like citric acid (vitamin C), magnesium hydroxide (essentially milk of magnesia – a common antacid / laxative), aloe vera, cascara sagrada bark, ginger or fibers like flax seed, oat bran or psyllium husk, appear repeatedly, you may decide to buy the ingredients and not bother with prepared formulas.

You can trust a herbalist or natural body cleansing therapist who will offer suggestions on how to reduce weight and detoxify the body, but (in general) online colon cleanse reviews aren’t trustworthy sources of unbiased information. Here’s another sneaky way to know the best colon cleanse formulas. Read reviews (or watch videos) of people who’ve gone abroad to cleanse in specialized centers. Many of these herbal detox remedies or centers don’t use the stuff hyped online.

These colon cleanse reviews are genuine; based on therapies received at certain centers. Most wellness clinics don’t hide what products or ingredients they offer their clients, so it’s easy to create a program for yourself that mimics what the best (and most expensive) detox centers offer. Of course, before you embark on a mission to start a detox, it is always a wise choice to consult with a health professional that can guide you on your path. You will probably be looking into alternative fields of health because of the Western medical professional’s views and understanding about detoxing. Wishing you all the best on your new journey to inner health and well being!


Author: S Jacson

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