Healthy Foods for Children

Master the Produce Aisle

Healthy foods for children are usually colorful and slightly sweet. Make half your plate fruits and vegetables. Shop for fruits and vegetables with an eye for irregular shaped and taut skin this is a sign of fresh produce. One way to pick a ripe apple is to look for a firm and slightly heavy for its size with smooth unbroken skin with no bruising.

The vitamins and minerals in apples help supply the body with soluble fiber which is the pectin and quercetin antioxidants. Theses two antioxidants help keep cholesterol (bad fat) at bay. Keep in refrigerator for crispness and a help maintain its vitamin/mineral freshness.

Colorful sweet Fruit

Bananas are easy asset for a kids diet, by the very fact they are sweet, easy to transport and easy to eat. They are seasonal fruit and are easily eaten at any time. One of the easiest ways to display bananas is on the counter top in the kitchen, away from direct heat or strong sunlight.

And where kids can have open options to choose healthy snacks rather than look for a bag of chips. Bananas have the mineral potassium which is essential for proper heart function. Also very high in fiber with vitamins B6 which helps prevent cognitive decline. Fruit can be fresh, canned, frozen, or dried and maybe whole, cut up, or pureed.

Bananas, kids to adults, love-sweet, easy, and high in fiber, a perfect food for all age groups
Fresh fruit is usually the most vitamin packed way to feed your children, however frozen is great for smoothies and great for healthy foods for children
Fruits and vegetables should be at least ½ our plate to be nutritious for children
Keep most fruits in the refrigerator or left out on counter top for 1-2 days for freshness, and so kids will have healthy options they can easily reach
Make your Kids Plate Artful as Well as Healthy

Vegetables are great sources of fiber. Make foods healthy works of art and watch your little ones respond favorably. Using a bowl of whole grain cereal or oatmeal, take a banana for eyes, raisins for nose and a pear slice for a mouth. Now kids will squeal with joy as they eat their morning breakfast. Try baking vegetables like zucchini in breads or carrot muffins.

It’s usually very easy to fix soups, stews, and sauces for pasta. Just be creative and your children will respond. You can also create your own treats with frozen fruit juice.

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Author: S Jacson

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